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  • Create multiple scenarios with one plan or multiple plans to find out your options.

  • You can use each plan separately of each other or combine plans to get a full financial plan.

  • Get free checkups on your financial every year so that you know that you are remaining on track.

My FinPlan is Affordable and Thorough

What’s Included?

  • It’s Quick & Easy

    The best thing about My FinPlan is that the work is done in a few clicks. You have the ability to turn your life around in minute. Even professional planners appreciate the benefits of creating financial plans with ease.

  • Make Choices

    You can create multiple financial strategies to decide which financial plan would be more beneficial for you. If you are still unsure you can choose to accept or deny the advice of a professional financial planner.


    Start creating your first financial strategy in minutes! No manuals or books to study. Nothing to install and no downloads, because it’s a web-based application.

  • Money Management

    Money management techniques can be setup with the help of a financial planner to ensure that your financial plan gains savings year over year.

  • Nice Output

    My FinPlan is human readable, well-commented and neatly formatted. Each plan is equipped with details explanations with graphs that explain what is on your financial plan. The only thing that you have to do is input the information. The application does the rest.

    Check Out An Example Retirement Plan


    Our planners will give you clear, easy to understand reports in plain English. Your results are tailored for your life, your goals, and your personal circumstances.

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  • Financial Planning Worksheets
  • 10 Minute Consultation



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  • 20 Minute Pre-Planning Strategy Session
  • Access to 1 Financial Planning Tool
  • 20 Minute Post-Planning Strategy Session
  • One Scenario

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  • 45 Minute Pre-Planning Strategy Session
  • Access to 3 Financial Planning Tools
  • 45 Minute Post-Planning Strategy Session
  • Multiple Scenarios

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What are people saying?

  • Anna Rodriguez

    I went in yesterday to try to come up with a plan on how to better budget my money, and become more financially independent. I was very skeptical at first, and not sure how Ryan could really help me come up with a financial plan. After talking for a bit and figuring out where my money was going I was amazed to see how much money I was just throwing away, not knowing where it was going. We were able to set up some financial goals for me, and I’m excited to be able to start saving the money I’m wasting.

  • T. Schwartz, FL

    I was about to pay $975 to a planner because I didn’t think I could do this well. I was really surprised at how easy it was to enter information and I am really impressed with the reports that the program gave me.

  • D. McGee, NC

    I can’t believe how easy it is to use this program and the results are great!

  • B. Sorenson, OH

    I like that I can choose what I want to use rather than spending money on what I don’t need.

  • M. Atkinson, NC

    My FinPlan is truly an exciting offer! Easy to use, priced very well, and I have professionals at my fingertips.

  • R. Bass, VA

    High quality and not ‘above my head’.


How Does A Financial Plan Help Me?

It’s true: the rules that applies to our parents and their finances have changed. After three decades of counseling people from all walks of life on eliminating their debt, planning for their kids’ college educations, preparing people for retirement (from their first paychecks), explaining the virtues

Why Consider Professional Financial Planning?

Planning isn’t about money: it’s about creating freedom of choice through the best use of our money. If we don’t start saving when we get our very first paycheck, that decision could mean needing our job until the day we die.

How long does it take for me to submit my information to My FinPlan?

It only takes a quick 15 minutes and allows you to input your information on your lunch break, while dinner is cooking, or while your manager isn’t looking.

How much experience do you have preparing financial plans?

We are real people, a father and son team with over 30 years of combined experience providing personal and business tax and financial planning services across the United States and abroad. Our absolute passion is helping others move towards, and ultimately achieve, their goals

What’s the process?

You have the ability to call us to speak with an advisor to choose the proper planner for you. Once you complete the data input form, your information will be sent to us so we can complete your report. We recommend that you talk to a My FinPlan advisor after you get your plan, because we provide complimentary phone call and Skype appointments with each plan: 20 minutes for the “Most Popular” plan and 90 minutes for the “Ultimate” package.

I’m a little squeamish about giving my information. Why choose you?

We completely understand. There is no place on the data input form that asks for your Social Security number, retirement account numbers, bank account numbers…nothing like that!